A vision of transformation

Washington University embarks on an inspired journey called ‘Here and Next’ to propel it to worldwide distinction for and by way of St. Louis.

Washington University is not a static institution resting on nearly 170 years of history. It’s a place comprising thousands of inspired and inspiring minds working together to change lives through an unwavering devotion to teaching, research and patient care. And at this moment, the university is poised to drive even greater impact throughout our region, our nation and our world through a bold plan of action called “Here and Next,” a globally informed, community-driven vision for academic distinction.

To create this vision for our future, more than 300 community members have been working together over the past 18 months, interacting with nearly 2,000 others, to understand university-wide perspectives and aspirations. Today, thanks to these collaborative efforts, the university is equipped to make sincere and profound investments in the diversity of our scholarship, our people and our region.

And it doesn’t stop there; input and inspiration from the entire university community is going to be key to bringing the vision of “Here and Next” to life. The charge is to expound on our mission to act in service of truth through the formation of leaders, the discovery of knowledge and the treatment of patients in a world-class health system for the betterment of our region, our nation and our world. Through mindful actions, we aim to establish WashU and St. Louis as a global hub for transformative solutions to the deepest societal challenges.

Together, we will advance our excellence in research, scholarship and creative practice, affirming our existing areas of strength while displaying the agility to lead in emerging fields. To meet our deepest societal challenges, we must draw on our collective strengths and dramatically expand our research capacity.

Together, we will attract and develop top talent by embracing the full diversity of lived experiences and by nurturing the aspirations of every member of our WashU community. The rate of change in the world is accelerating. As we draw on the hard-won knowledge of our disciplines, we’ll empower each student to meet the challenges of a future yet unknown. We have so many revered educational programs at WashU; we will build on these proud traditions as we strive to create new legacies. 

“As we move forward, my goal is for all members of our community to find their place in the vision for WashU’s future.”

Provost Beverly Wendland

Together, we are WashU in St. Louis, for St. Louis and with St. Louis — in our research, education, patient care and operations. The innovations we develop here at home will be applied at scale across the globe, and our global work will inform practices in our region and in our nation.

WashU and St. Louis have so much to offer one another. We have the chance now, as 2023 beckons, to work together to advance the long-term success of our city and state. To do so, we must lead by reflecting the voices of our community and developing trust with our partners.

Through the implementation of our vision, we aim to establish WashU as a leading model for how a university can partner with local communities for global impact — to set a new standard for world-renowned universities.

“I am grateful for the collaborative spirit of our work to date,” says Provost Beverly Wendland, executive vice chancellor for academic affairs. “As we move forward, my goal is for all members of our community to find their place in the vision for WashU’s future. Our first year of implementation is about bringing people together — offering connections within our community and maximizing our collective strength and potential.”

To learn more, visit Here and Next.