School of Law announces tuition-free legal education for students from low-income households

Washington University School of Law in St. Louis will offer full-tuition scholarships for admitted JD students whose family income is less than 200% of the federal poverty level, announced Russell K. Osgood, dean of the School of Law.

For a family of four, that would mean students whose families earn less than $55,500 would qualify.

Dean Russell Osgood

“WashULaw continues to be a leader in making the best legal education possible for all students, regardless of income or economic background,” Osgood said. “I am excited that we now have a minimum guarantee of a full-tuition award for students from low-income households.”

In addition to the funding for low-income students, the school has announced that all admitted students will receive a scholarship designed with their challenges and goals in mind.

“Financial support is not the entire solution, so every student will receive an award designed specifically for them, which could include funding for conferences, support for unpaid summer work, child care, mentors and more,” Osgood said.

Students applying now and entering the school next academic year will benefit from these new programs. The school’s current tuition is $64,488.

School of Law graduates begin their careers in over 30 states and several countries annually, and more than 65 alumni are currently serving in judicial clerkships.

“In addition to guaranteeing minimum scholarships, WashULaw is committed to helping all future lawyers navigate the application process, which can be daunting,” said Katherine Scannell, vice dean for institutional success. “We instituted a $0 application fee and allow applicants to have their application reviewed for admission without a visible test score or GPA. The Office of Admissions also offers individual consultations, workshops and more to help students prepare all aspects of their application and get their questions answered, regardless of whether they plan to apply to WashULaw.” 

For information on whether a student qualifies for this program, contact the School of Law Office of Admissions at