Glenn MacDonald

John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics and Strategy

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Prior to joining the Olin Business School, MacDonald was professor of economics and management at the W. E. Simon School of Business, University of Rochester, and professor of economics at the University of Western Ontario. He has worked with many companies, including Bausch & Lomb, Carrier, Chase Manhattan Bank, Corning, Eastman Kodak, Harris Corporation, General Motors, IBM, Litton Industries, Rochester Gas and Electric, Frontier Communications, Xerox and Xerox’s PARC.

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WashU Experts on the Climate Assessment

WashU Experts on the Climate Assessment

Washington University in St. Louis experts from all corners of academia long have been studying climate change in the context of their own fields. Here is a sampling of their perspectives on the National Climate Assessment released Nov. 23.

Free content challenges movie biz

Should movies and television shows be free on the Internet? Which business models will benefit artists, producers and distributors? Questions such as these are being pondered in a popular course at Olin Business School, “The Economics of Entertainment.” Industry executives visit the class to provide corporate insights about the challenges facing film and music makers in the Internet age.