Michael Wysession

Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Michael Wysession

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Wysession is an expert on the Earth’s inner structure. He has mapped various sections of the Earth and is most noted for his map of the Earth’s core-mantle boundary. He has a 20-minute ‘movie’ of the Earth’s core, mantle and surface, showing what happens below us in a earthquake when one seismic wave follows another, wreaking havoc and making the Earth shudder. Wysession, who is the first geologist to map the Earth’s core-mantle boundary, some 2,000 miles below our feet, is a great explainer of the Earth’s functions and processes.

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Nero fiddled. We play golf.

The photograph quickly went viral. A group of golfers in southern Washington State calmly putts before a raging forest fire. First posted Sept. 6, the image has taken social media by storm and become the subject of news articles and countless memes. But the point is this: In the western United States, forest fires have become so routine that people barely notice them anymore.

Wysession receives award for geosciences education

Michael Wysession, professor of earth and planetary sciences in Arts & Sciences, has been recognized for his exceptional leadership in geosciences education by the Seismological Society of America with the 2016 Frank Press Public Service Award.