Lee Epstein

Ethan A.H. Shepley Distinguished University Professor

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Epstein’s interests center on the U.S. Supreme Court, judicial behavior, empirical legal studies, and constitutional law. Her latest book, An Introduction to Empirical Legal Research (with A. Martin), Oxford University Press, is forthcoming. Her co-authored book, The Behavior of Federal Judges (with W. Landes and R. Posner), was published by Harvard University Press in 2013.

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In January 2017, Professor Lee Epstein team-taught a three-day course on the Roberts court. Her co-instructor, Adam Liptak (not pictured), covers the Supreme Court for The New York Times. (Photo by Joe Angeles/WUSTL Photos)

Judging the Supreme Court

The justices of the nation’s highest court have a bird’s-eye view of the nation’s discord. But Lee Epstein trains her binoculars on them as they do their work.

Epstein named visiting professor at University of Bergen

Lee Epstein, the Ethan A. H. Shepley Distinguished University Professor, has accepted a visiting professor appointment in comparative politics and in law at the University of Bergen in Bergen, Norway.
Supreme Court

Presidential candidates and their possible Supreme Court picks

How might the makeup of the United States Supreme Court change depending on who is elected as the country’s next president? A new analysis from Washington University in St. Louis estimates where the candidate’s potential nominees fit compared with the current justices and finds that a Democratic appointee would move the middle of the court to the left, shifting the court’s balance of power.

Law school panel to discuss Scalia legacy

Three experts on the Supreme Court from the School of Law will discuss the recent death of Antonin Scalia, his legacy and how his vacancy will be filled. The talk, “Justice Antonin Scalia: The Legacy and the Vacancy,” will be held from 12:05-1 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 17. It is free and open to the public.