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Rachel Sachs

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Sachs is a renowned expert on health policy and drug law. She is a scholar of innovation policy whose work explores the interaction of intellectual property law, food and drug regulation and health law. Her work explores problems of innovation and access to new health care technologies. Sachs’ scholarship has or will have appeared in journals that include the Michigan Law Review, the Minnesota Law Review, the Harvard Law Review, the New England Journal of Medicine, and the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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WashU Expert: Budget provides insight into Trump Administration drug policy

During his first year in office, President Donald Trump spoke about high drug prices but took little action to address the problem. His budget proposal, released this week, does lay out a strategy — though what is most notable is not what’s included, but rather what is missing. Rachel Sachs, an expert on drug pricing and policy at Washington University in St. Louis, weighs in.
Rachel Sachs

Drug policy: The year in review, and the year ahead

Last year was an unquestionably busy time for health care news of all kinds. Media and policy coverage rightly focused on the many attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but it was also an eventful year in news for those of us who focus on prescription drug policy. In this post, I review five of the biggest drug policy developments of the past year, and look ahead to five issues I expect to make headlines in 2018.