WashU Expert: If you see signs of child abuse, report it

David and Louise Turpin have been accused of abusing their 13 children for years inside their California home, a case that has captured international attention. What should you do to try to better recognize signs of abuse in your neighborhood? The bottom line: If you think a child is in danger or is being hurt, call a hotline, says a child abuse expert at Washington University in St. Louis.
Michael Sherraden photo

Sherraden receives career award for social policy research

Michael Sherraden, the George Warren Brown Distinguished University Professor and director of the Center for Social Development at the Brown School, received the Society for Social Work and Research’s 2018 Social Policy Researcher Award.

WashU Expert: We already have ‘baby bonds’

As economists float the proposal to give every U.S. newborn a “baby bond” account, Michael Sherraden, professor at the Brown School, says a solution already exists — Child Development Accounts, a policy concept first proposed in his groundbreaking 1991 book, “Assets and the Poor.”

Combating ‘disinformation’ about child abuse

Child abuse and neglect, also called “child maltreatment,” too often endanger the health, well-being and even lives of children. How do we solve this problem? Two professors at the Brown School offer advice in a new book titled, “After the Cradle Falls: What Child Abuse Is, How We Respond To It, And What You Can Do About it.”