Class Acts: Designing for the social good

Architect and urban designer Anu Samarajiva is deeply attuned to the particularity of place and to the ways social networks shape our experience of the built environment. She graduates wanting to help people think about how social, political and economic systems impact their lives.
Lizzy Crist in goal

Washington People: Lizzy Crist

Lizzy Crist, goalkeeper for the women’s national champion soccer team, will take numerous awards and honors along with a tremendous work ethic to her next stop in life: a PhD program in biomedical engineering at the University of Minnesota.

Sculpture takes flight

Over the last four months, students in the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design at Washington University in St. Louis have digitally designed, modeled and constructed prototypes for a 100-foot-long public sculpture. Now, over the next several weeks, the students will fabricate and install the finished piece, titled “Spectroplexus,” at St. Louis Lambert International Airport.