Gregory Magarian

Thomas and Karole Greene Professor of Law

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Magarian is a well-known expert in free speech, the law of politics, and law and religion. He has written about a variety of topics in constitutional law, including free speech theory and doctrine, media regulation, regulation of political parties, the relationship between church and state, and substantive due process. His first book, Managed Speech: The Roberts Court’s First Amendment, was published in 2017 by Oxford University Press. His work also examines church and state, firearms regulation and regulations of the political process.

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WashU Expert: Call to repeal Second Amendment is compelling, hazardous

WashU Expert: Call to repeal Second Amendment is compelling, hazardous

Constitutional law expert Greg Magarian, of Washington University and a former clerk for retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, said Stevens makes a compelling historical and legal case for amending the Constitution. At the same time, he warns that the path Stevens advocates would present distinctive challenges and hazards.
WashU Expert: What constitutes treason?

WashU Expert: What constitutes treason?

President Donald Trump has accused congressional Democrats who didn’t applaud his State of the Union address of treason. That accusation has no basis in law, and it reflects a deeply disturbing political philosophy, says an expert on constitutional law at Washington University in St. Louis.


Cover of Managed Speech

Managed Speech

The Roberts Court's First Amendment

Gregory P. Magarian examines more than 40 Supreme Court free-speech decisions and critiques the ways in which the court, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, has reshaped and degraded the law of expressive freedom.