Voice mail changes at the School of Medicine

Employees must take action by Nov. 18

Telecommunications Facilities Corp. (TFC), the joint School of Medicine- and BJC HealthCare-operated company that supports telecommunications services, is working to replace the voice mail system used by the School of Medicine with numbers in the following telephone exchanges: 273, 286, 362, 454, 514, 747, 758 and 996 (West County only).

In preparation for the Nov. 18-20 change, employees are asked to complete the following before Friday, Nov. 18 at 9 a.m.:

In your existing mailbox, erase unneeded saved messages.

In your new mailbox:

1. To access and set up your new mailbox:

  • Dial 747-4199 or 74199
  • Enter your extension number followed by #
  • Enter temporary password 1357
  • Follow prompts to enter/verify new password and to record name

2. For personal distribution list users (optional)

  • Access your new mailbox
  • Press 5 (Personal Options)
  • Press 1 (Administer Mailing List)
  • Follow the automated prompts

3. To administer greetings by caller type (optional)

  • Access your new mailbox
  • Press 3 (Personal Greetings)
  • Press 1 (Record Greetings)
  • Press 3 (Optional Greeting)
  • Follow the automated prompts to create an Optional Greeting
  • Press 5 (Activate Greetings)
  • Press 3 (Optional Greeting)
  • Follow the automated prompts to activate a greeting by Caller Type (Internal, External, etc)

Please direct questions and comments to the Voice Mail Upgrade hotline at 747-4040.