Longer Life Foundation grants to be awarded

The Longer Life Foundation, a cooperative effort between the university and the Reinsurance Group of America, is seeking applications from Washington University faculty for research funding in 2012.

The foundation funds pilot and feasibility research projects “to study factors that assist in predicting mortality and morbidity of selected populations and to research methods to promote improvements in longevity and health by analyzing the effects of changes in medicine and advances in public health practices.”

Those eligible include young investigators with at least two years of research experience who are interested in longevity research and established investigators developing new directions in research involving health and longevity. Postdoctoral researchers are not eligible.

The group plans to fund four or five grants in 2012 of between $20,000 and $50,000 in direct costs. Letters of Intent are due by Feb. 20.

Researchers chosen to submit formal applications will be notified by April 20, and those applications will be due by June 4.

More information may be found at the foundation’s website, longerlife.org or contact Joan M. Heins at (314) 286-1912 or jheins@wustl.edu.