Medical School WUSTLnomics forum May 27

Faculty and staff at Washington University School of Medicine are invited to a WUSTLnomics forum and brown-bag lunch from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 27.

The forum, the focus of which is the university’s efficiency efforts, will be in Moore Auditorium, on the first floor of the North Building. Hank Webber, executive vice chancellor for administration, and Barb Feiner, vice chancellor for finance, will lead the presentation, which will provide an overview of the financial challenges the university faces and opportunities to come together as a university to ensure a strong future.

There will be time after the presentation for questions and discussion about efficiency efforts.

For over a century, Washington University has been committed to a legacy of learning through research and teaching. The university is developing future leaders and helping to solve the world’s most difficult problems. But as is the case at other universities across the country, the current environment for research and higher education has become challenging and requires focus on maintaining and securing long-term financial health.

Last year, the Huron Consulting Group conducted an assessment of the potential for cost savings and improved efficiency. That assessment confirmed there are opportunities to maintain quality of service, but with greater efficiency and at reduced costs.

In a message to the Washington University community, Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton shared the importance of coming together on this issue. In a follow-up message, Webber provided additional details on the ongoing efficiency efforts.

Employees are encouraged to review information that has been made available and to share ideas on improving efficiency. For more information, follow this link.