Hack named director of benefits, compensation in Human Resources


Linda Hack has been named director of benefits and compensation in Human Resources at Washington University in St. Louis, effective Nov. 1, 2014.

Hack joined the university in 1999 as its health plan manager and has continued taking on new challenges and greater responsibilities.

She began working in the business world when she finished high school and attended college in the evening, ultimately earning a bachelor’s degree in business, with a minor in human resources, from Lindenwood University. She also has served on various committees at the university.

A year into her career at Washington University, Hack took on a new role, helping to implement a new software system that included human resources, benefits and payroll functions.

Hack was responsible for converting the university benefit program to the new PeopleSoft system, now commonly known to employees as the Human Resource Management and Self-Service System, or HRMS.

“I had several years of benefits experience at that point and remember thinking what an ideal opportunity this was to design and essentially ‘own’ our benefit program setup from the ground up,” she said.

The university launched the project’s first phase in January 2003, and Hack returned to her role as a benefits manager but also was responsible for the system work. In 2007, she was promoted to senior benefits manager, managing staff who are responsible for the university’s retirement plan, COBRA, flexible-spending accounts and health-savings accounts.

“Linda has been with the university for over 15 years and was instrumental in the implementation of PeopleSoft (HRMS), among other projects,” said Lorraine Goffe-Rush, vice chancellor for human resources. “Linda has taken on progressively greater responsibility over the years in the area of benefits, and we look forward to her continued contributions in this new role.”

Hack said she is excited about her new role as director and has a strong team working with her in benefits and compensation.

“I am completely confident we will continue to make a positive impact, and employees will see and feel the hard work we put into our roles,” she said. “I have always enjoyed working at Washington University, fully aware that the research and education we provide is so important not only to our local communities but to the entire world. I’m proud to be in this role and I will work hard to keep our reputation strong.”

It’s a busy time in university benefits, she noted. The new Wellness Connection program is focused on providing evidence-based, data-driven programs to help employees live a healthier lifestyle. New in 2015, the WUDirect program will offer employees lower co-payments if they choose university physicians for their health-care needs.

Hack pledged to work to ensure the department’s goals align with those of the university community.

“We want to make a difference in our employees’ and their families’ lives,” she said.