Renewable energy certificate awarded

Robert Blankenship, PhD (back left), professor of chemistry and of biology in Arts & Sciences and director of the university’s Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center (PARC), and Himadri Pakrasi, PhD (back right), professor of biology and director of the International Center for Advanced Renewable Energy and Sustainability (I-CARES) pose with the 2015 recipients of the Certificate in Renewable Energy and the Environment. (Credit: Kevin Lowder)

Four students at Washington University in St. Louis successfully completed the Certificate in Renewable Energy and the Environment this year and were recognized at a luncheon April 27 at the Whittemore House.

The students who completed the program are (from left), Bruce Wittman, a May graduate in chemistry in Arts & Sciences; Brandon Chang, also a May graduate in chemistry; Allison Karp, who just earned a degree in biology in Arts & Sciences;, and Esther Koh, a junior studying finance in Olin Business School (not pictured).

PARC and I-CARES award the Certificate in Renewable Energy and the Environment, providing an opportunity for students to pursue interdisciplinary energy studies to complement their major or minor coursework. The program combines academic studies with educational experiences, such as outreach interaction, seminars, hands-on research and networking opportunities.

For more information about the certificate, visit the PARC website.