Center for the Humanities announces new grant recipients

The Center for the Humanities in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis has awarded grants to a number of faculty and graduate students for seminars or focused reading and writing groups for the 2015-2016 academic year.

The grants can cover speakers, materials or other expenses directly related to the groups’ success. The new awards issued for the upcoming academic year are:

Faculty seminar grants

  • “Memory and Violence,” convened by Anika Walke, PhD, assistant professor of history, and Heidi Kolk, PhD, associate director of the American Culture Studies program, both in Arts & Sciences. The three-year seminar will focus on the intersection between memory and violence as a point of convergence and interaction for humanities scholars, social scientists, artists and legal scholars.

Reading-group grants for faculty, graduate students

  • “Placing Space,” convened by Anna-Rebecca Nowicki, a graduate student in Germanic languages and literatures, and Erika Rodriguez, a graduate student in comparative literature. This reading group gives an overview of spatial theory and its historical function in conjunction with close readings of canonical texts.
  • “Digital Approaches,” convened by Kenny Gradert, John Ladd and Melanie Walsh, all graduate students in English. This reading group will focus on projects relating to the use of digital tools in humanities disciplines.

Writing-group grants for faculty, graduate students

  • “The Ancient Mediterranean World,” convened by Roshan Abraham, PhD, assistant professor of classics and of religious studies; Karen Acton, PhD, assistant professor of classics; Nathaniel Jones, PhD, assistant professor of art history and archaeology; and Ryan Platte, PhD, assistant professor of classics, all in Arts & Sciences. The writing group aims to create a common space for pre-modern scholars to share their research and collaborate in the study of the ancient Mediterranean region.
  • “Medieval Colloquium,” convened by Daniel Bornstein, PhD, the Stella Koetter Darrow Professor of Catholic Studies; Jessica Rosenfeld, PhD, associate professor of English; and Christian Schneider, PhD, assistant professor of German, all in Arts & Sciences. This interdisciplinary writing group of faculty and graduate students will host speakers and present their own work.

The center also renewed another six awards. For information on applying for funding, visit the center’s website.

Those interested in joining a group should contact the appropriate conveners.