Lembke testifies before Senate committee on online safety

Emma Lembke testifies Feb. 14 before the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Courtesy photo)

Washington University in St. Louis sophomore Emma Lembke testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Feb. 14, about the ways social media platforms harm young people. 

“I got on Instagram at the age of 12. And I sit in front of you today as a 20-year old. And eight years down the line, I still see and hear of the harms that I experienced,” Lembke told senators. “Those harms will only increase from here. The mental health crisis for young people we are witnessing will only rise. We cannot wait another year, we cannot wait another month, another week or day to begin to protect the next generation.”

Lembke is the founder of Log Off, an organization for and by teens who want to raise awareness about social media’s impact on mental health. She also leads Tech(nically) Politics, an advocacy group calling for regulations that safeguard young users.

“I have listened as young people have told me stories of online harassment, vicious cyberbullying, unwanted direct messages,” said Lembke, who is studying political science in Arts & Sciences. “While our stories may differ, we share the frustration of being portrayed as passive victims of Big Tech. We are ready to be active agents of change, building new and safer online spaces for the next generation.”

To view the hearing, visit the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee website.

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