Washington People: Suresh Vedantham

Vedantham targets blood clots with new technique

Suresh Vedantham, professor of radiology and surgery, and ATTRACT Trial Coordinator Patricia Nieters look at a venogram of a patient with a blood clot in the leg. Photo by Robert Boston.

A magical place to live

Vedantham remembers looking down on St. Louis and other smaller cities in the Midwest when he was growing up in Chicago, but he now calls St. Louis a “magical” place to live.

He is married to Tanya Vedantham, a pediatric occupational therapist at Cardinal Glennon Hospital. Asked about hobbies, Vedantham immediately identifies the couple’s 6-year-old son, Shrey, as “the apple of our eyes.”

“I used to be a big fan of live music, and there’s still probably no one in the world who knows more about U2 concerts than I do,” he says. “But now our focus is Shrey.

“He is an engaging little fellow, and we rarely if ever sit still.”